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Annnd, we have caught up to today.

Good friends are with you for eternity.

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Next one: Not actually a gravestone. (But really old)

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Actually, the Fifth. But since I already got behind (in the first week, even!) I'm going to spam the blog with three days of entries.

Here's the first, a detal of the undercroft, York Minster

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And now for something completely different!
York Minster, York

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I haven't been here in quite awhile, but I thought I'd resurrect (heh) my tradition of posting 31 days of October grave photos, since I missed last year.

Here's the first one, and (probably) the oldest cemetery I have ever photographed (over 5000 years).

Dolman in circle of standing stones, Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Sligo, Ireland

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